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David Susko

NameDavid Susko
FromUnited States

Self Introduction

Hello, My name is David Susko I am an undergraduate pursuing degrees in Geology and Anthropology at Louisiana State University. My passion is space and planetary sciences and my dream has always been to venture out into space. While I have no wish to be one of the first 4 astronauts to land on Mars, I hope someday travel between the two worlds is readily available and I will be able to retire there. I can’t wait to see what Mars One can really accomplish over the next decade or so. This past winter (2014), I began working as an undergraduate research assistant at the Louisiana State University Planetary Science Laboratory (PSL). I primarily focus on chemical and mineralogical signatures from the surface of mars measured used GRS and CRISM data. It is an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!


Space, planets, geology, cultures, food, learning, reading, running, rowing, working out, reddit, women, music, and of course Mars.


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