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Self Introduction

French Aerospace Physician, Weightless Flight Surgeon and ZeroG Instructor (Novespace). 
At the same time family doctor (twelve years), my core, and Flight Surgeon (rotary wing Aeromedical Evacuations) for Remote Medical International, UN support. 
Apart from this committed one year to leprosy detection in Comores, Indian Ocean and masters degree in cognitive science research from the Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux, specialising in human factors.
Currently working and writing about psychological aspects of ICE missions (Isolated Confined missions in an Extreme environment) and remote medicine challenges.
I’m training to be involved, as soon as possible, in the spaceflight participant training (weightless flight, suborbital and hopefully orbital and beyond!). Certified as a Scientis Astronaut Candidate (suborbital, PoSSUM Project, NASA funded, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University). Hypoxia Altitude Chamber, Aerobatic (G profile), IVA Spacesuit, Science in upper mesosphere, outreach, crew management and operation training.
Passionate about man, space, exploration, science, STEM, I’m an advocate for the “Space for Anyone”​ era, and a Mars enthusiast with an open world ideal. 
I became a Mars enthusiast in the 90’. I’ve got a deep confidence in the Mars One chance of success in establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars, despite of numerous challenges, psychological one in particular: I tried to explain why in an essay about developmental psychology and pioneer spirit, to be published in a recommended anthology about space exploration (
Especially curious and optimistic, with long-term vision, and trying to follow a humanist way of life.


Hobby : learning and training to the full, improving to be as all-round as possible. Martial Art (black belt in judo, viet vo dao), Surf, Scuba Diving, music, travel, cinema, Art, composition, conceptual invention, reading, writing, meeting new people and new worlds.


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