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Nicki Button

NameNicki Button
FromUnited States

Self Introduction

I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Planetary Science Laboratory ( with Dr. Suniti Karunatillake at Louisiana State University.  I entered college studying Mars at Cornell University.  Participating in two semester-long field programs (Cornell University Field Program in Hawaii and Sea Semester: Oceans and Climate) allowed me the hands-on experiences was lacking in my Martian research.  I ultimately took a terrestrial focus because of this and majored in Science of Earth Systems with a concentration in oceanography.  I even pursued a year of grad school in oceanography, focusing on satellite remote sensing.  However, I could tell that something was missing.  I didn’t have the same passion that I had when I was conducting Martian research.  I decided to attend grad school at LSU to focus on Martian geology in order to pursue my lifelong passion.  I hope to incorporate the oceanography knowledge, fieldwork experience, and satellite remote skills into my grad program, such as by studying terrestrial analogs in order to better understand Mars’ past.  My ultimate dream is to go to Mars!  Since the Mars One lander will go to Mars before the astronauts, I am very excited to have the opportunity to participate in the Mars One University Competition as a member of the MIDDAS team.

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Academically: Mars, remote sensing, fieldwork, geology, oceanography

Other: rugby, watching tv comedies, racquetball, listening to country music, couponing, being in the country and away from cities


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