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Damion Hampton

NameDamion Hampton
FromUnited Kingdom

Self Introduction

An Artist/ Physics thinker. Mars One fan. Mars One will be the greatest achievement in the history of man kind. This achievement is well overdue.


Damion is also a keen researcher, studying physics in the field of Cosmology and Planetary Sciences. Damion’s focus is planetary cycles, the Ice Age cycle in-particular. Damion is currently in the process of gathering and researching material for a new book, titled (Return Of The Ice Age, 2035, due for release in 2015. Damion’s private project, titled, “Mini Ice Age” (from goes hand-in-hand with his current research. Damion believes we are currently entering a cooling trend and will be in the depths of the next mini ice age within the next two decades.

Damion Hampton is a Cryonics Institute member and future patient.


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