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Dr Bhupendra Singh Mars

NameDr Bhupendra Singh Mars

Self Introduction

Dr. Bhupendra Singh( Single, Vegetarian, New Delhi, Bharat)
Qualification- M.Sc.Physics) and Ph.D. other professional courses B.Ed.((B.H.U.)., M.Ed.(NCERT).
Languages, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Esperanto.
Becoming an astronomer 10years ago, I began dreaming of interplanetary travel bsed on Education science and technology. So as to help lift humanity out of financial povery illiteracy and war, wishing to expunge this from our existence forever. I saw my path foar the future working together to foster a new civilization. Creating hope and expounding the dreams of our youth creating a new human revolution. That our worlds people can get behind and follow.
Mars is our first step at colonization our galaxies, and from an educational stand point it’s a brand new horizon needing a new template and parameters, to develop a mars science and technology, based in an alien environment, but maintaining our spiritual values from a value creating society.  So producing a counter a counter valance against the trials and tribulations of such an Alien environment. To fostering new ideas and technologies, and to pinch a great line from the movie Mars( to science shit out of it) instead of being motivated by big business, but motivated by science for the betterment of humankind, Further evolving our species. Without space exploration and without planet beginning its downward ecological spiral. Its time to begin the exodus to the cosmos.
Christopher Columbus and others like Cook voyaged to the new world, opening up new ideas,  new kinds of food, new ways to achieve things, that pioneering spirit is not dead its merely dormant awaiting its new beginning. 
I await my future, hands on heart, ready to face whatever the Universe has to throw at me this is my calling and time is now.
Contact -
Twitter- @BHUPEND74534659
Face book—http:/
LinkedIn- https://www.bhupendrasingh5243817

Iam looking Mars One as a future of this galaxy, thanks


1#Areas specially interplanetary motions collision and finding the new ways to utilize the Fusion reaction on the Earth for useful neat clean source of energy and space exploration.
2#-I would like to spent my rest of life on Mars planet for experimentation of new habitat for human kind for second home beyond the Earth
Aims of my life:  I believe we need to create a new astral society based on a true “Value Creation” society, creating our human revolution by stepping out of comfort zone, opening up mankind’s creative side venturing forth, turning a dream into a reality taking science and technology and extending its limits, man always work-best under pressure and staying alive in a harsh alien environment would be more than enough in centre to achieve impossible, working together to create a new genesis a multi-civilization among the stars, would there be boredom I doubt it they will be for to busy rewriting history, creating interplanetary exploration seeking rare metals to build intergalactic spacecraft engines to truly show men genius as well head out towards infinity.


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