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maria claudia

Namemaria claudia

Self Introduction

I’m a Virgin ascendant Taurus.
I’m a scenographer that has studied Architecture at college.
I’m a “carioca” from Brasil.
I’m very enthusiastic about the journey.
This Project has promoted, around the world, students’, engeneers’,
scientists’, nations’ and everyone else’s union in a way more effective than governments are able to achieve.
The world will be following online this paradigmatic experience for mankind. Since humans first look at stars in the sky we’ve been doing the same questions about our origin and purpose.
Tycho Brahe, Joannes Kepler, Nicolau Copérnico,  Galileu Galilei, Jesus, Issac Newton, Antoine Lavousier, Charles Darwin, Beethoven, Francisco Goya, Leonardo Da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Chaplin, Stephen Hawking, Pelé, Tom Jobim, Gandhi, Miguel Nicolelis… in many ways, have provided huge contributions.
Now it’s time to step forward with Mars One Project including the committee, scientists, applicants, supporters, candidates and everybody.
I’m counting on you to make it happen!!


Biology, Architeture, Poetry, Engineering, Science, Medicine, Universe, Mechanics, Logic, Movies, Theater, Investigation, Anthropology, History, Music, Theology, Nanothecnology, Psychology, Ecosystems, Sociology, Sports, Life…...


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