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I grew up with the Apollo space program. I watched the first humans walk on the moon. I believed we’d have people on Mars in short order and eventually seek to settle the solar system. Society became distracted from that vision—but I think we are ready for it now. With enough of us helping, we will see Mars One succeed. As for my skills profile, I am a writer, editor, and musician (vibraphone, piano, percussion). I enjoy facing complex challenges, developing multiple solutions, and bringing creativity to a team. I love learning new information and appreciate the opportunity to speak with experts of all types.


Watching new developments in science; hiking, camping, and backpacking; music, especially jazz (I perform every Fri-Sat at Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge) and music composition; reading and good conversation; and time with spouse, family, friends, and grandchildren. I am the editor of scores of books, most focused on nonprofit management. I have written on mental health, substance abuse, medical research, scientific developments, business and nonprofit management, and many other topics. (Editorial:; Music:


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