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Nardin Alberto

NameNardin Alberto

Self Introduction

My name is Alberto Nardin, I was born in a small town in Italy (Quinto di Treviso).
I studied Astronomy at the University of Padua (Italy) and finished my PhD in Heidelberg (Germany). After my studies I started traveling around the world on November 2015 and it is still ongoing. My plan is to travel all the countries in the world and after I have seen all the Earth my next dream would be to go on Mars. Now I am a stargazing guide in the Atacama desert where there is the Death Valley or also called Mars Valley because of its resemblance with the red planet.


I am very interested in sports, like playing basketball and dancing salsa.
I like knowing new people from different countries and learning something new. One of my hobbies is reading japanese manga, watching animes and doing astrophotography.


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