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Xiaoxia Lin

NameXiaoxia Lin

Self Introduction

This is a story about this small living breathing thing that lives on the planet Earth. She could be one of descendants of the frozen wanderers(comets), or of the planet Mars, NO ONE KNOWS. She’s been amazed by the existence of her own, of life, of planets, space and time. She’s been obsessed with the fascinated Universe, been wanting to know her whole life if there is life beyond Earth. One day the theory of Earth’s life came from Mars blew her mind, ever since then she’s been dreaming to escape gravity, land on Mars and seek for a concrete answer. Another day, Mars One mission came along, she took her first step towards her dream of going to Mars, by volunteering to go on a never-to-return trip to Mars. She has made it one of the finalists Mars 100, and this is just the beginning of a new story, it is to be continued…

We are literally just star dust when we see ourselves from a view outside of the Earth. And you sort of losing hold of who you are and all the identities the world/society gave you - it feels free.

My name is Lin Xiaoxia from a small town surrounded by water in China, I am an astronomy lover.


science, astronomy, being a free spirit, making a difference, experiencing new things, helping people, photography, bowling, travelling, online-surfing, food, watching tv, theater. BIGGEST INTEREST NOW - MARS.


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