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Dr. Leila

NameDr. Leila
FromUnited States

Self Introduction

I’m an ER doc. I’ll say anything to your face that I’ll say behind your back (although I might say it a bit nicer). I can’t decide what I want invented most: instant elsewhere booth, faster-than-light drive, or a replicator so I can wear my favorite cargo pants every day without ever doing laundry. {SQUIRREL!} My superpower is I can sleep soundly anywhere, anytime. Wanna know more about me?  I think this xkcd cartoon mouseover sums things up best


** Reading & watching science fiction  
** Skiing (I didn’t see snow ‘til I was 18 but I’m making up for lost time) 
** Biking (transportation/fun)
** ER stuff (suture, intubate, central lines, reduce dislocations) 
** Games of any kind—Crazy 8s, Civ, Robo Rally, Dominion…


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