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William F Dunlap

NameWilliam F Dunlap
FromUnited States

Self Introduction

I am a jack-of-all-trades. Over the course of my life I have had some formal education in the sciences (enough to learn the mindset if not the math), I have been a mechanic on machines ranging from vacuum cleaners all the way to backhoes, I was a cook in an industrial setting for a while, and now I’m back to mechanic-ing. I have a thirst for knowledge of any kind so I am an avid reader of anything from fiction to history, spirituality and religion, philosophy, science, music, and pretty much anything else you care to name.



Okay, I’ll hit the points of highest interest, how’s that?

Music!!! (I play the drums in a rock band) Science fiction and fantasy (books, movies, whatever.) Gardening. Philosophy. Psychology.


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