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FromUnited States

Self Introduction

Hello, I am Laurel Kaye and I want to go to Mars. Currently, I am studying physics and pre-medicine at Duke University after a year in Oxford. I split free time between reading, painting, writing, running, backpacking, rowing, more reading, and of course, staring upwards through my lovely telescope. Friends would probably call me geeky and a bit strange but in a good way, and none can deny my absolute obsession with the universe and everything in it. I can also play a mean jazz fiddle.


Everything. I especially love physics, astronomy, and medicine but I am passionately curious about all aspects of biology, chemistry, mathematics,  neuroscience, oil and acrylic painting, creative writing, French, glass blowing, literature, ballroom dancing, cats, baking, and border collies.

Above all I am interested in going to Mars and living there.

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