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FromUnited States

Self Introduction

I have an unmatched passion for exploring the universe. Solving complex problems, both individually and as a member of a team, is what I do best. I am very fit and can withstand grueling physical activity. My temperament is calm and relaxed, handling the most stressful situations with ease. I am a very clean and organized person, important habits for a long duration space mission. The background I bring from planetary science will be invaluable to the Mars One mission; I am a geochemist, geomorphologist, and field geologist specializing in Mars and Moon studies. Currently, I am at the University of New Mexico working on Mars Science Laboratory rover operations for the ChemCam laser instrument as well as Mars2020 mission rover operations for the SuperCam instrument. Other projects include landing site analysis for future manned and unmanned missions to Mars, analyzing terrestrial impact-induced hydrothermal processes/mineral assemblages, and conducting simulated rover and manned missions at terrestrial analogue sites.

I have been training for this mission my entire life, and I am ready to go to Mars.


My interests on Earth include: bicycling, running, scuba, golf, horticulture, playing guitar (, rock climbing, studying geology, collecting minerals, and exploring the wilderness.
My interests in space include: astrogeology, astrobiology, astrohydrology, in-situ resource utilization, giant impact processes, terrestrial analogue comparison, and planetary mission operations.

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