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Pontus Engvall

NamePontus Engvall

Self Introduction

A typical swedish guys with a stable, simple existens. I’m totally happy and aight with my Life. I’m a educated machinist, welder and I love to tinker with all things “industrial”. I 2uess you could call me an Engineer of sort. I just want to make the most out of life and have as much fun and joy with is as possible!


Teknologi and electronic devices has always been close to my hearth I live for Electonic Dance Music especially!
Knowledge about our origin and the cosmos as a whole had always fascinated me. It is so hard to grasp what we already do know, then the unknown seems truly distant and truly xhallaging to even get close to.
If I can contribute humanity’s quests to understand the knwon and unkwon world, universe that we all inhabit.. I think that’s the best answer we will ever get for the old question “What’s the mening of Life, what’s the point in our own existence and our huge world?.


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