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Kay Radzik

NameKay Radzik
FromUnited States

Self Introduction

I am honored to have been chosen as one of the 100 Round 3 Candidates.

I would like to thank all those who care about human expansion beyond Earth – my co-applicants and Mars One, the thousands of space enthusiasts, engineers, scientists, friends and family. We do this for them and our future. It is impossible without you.

All my life I’ve always thought of our species as ever-growing and evolving, and interplanetary settlement makes sense. It’s a dream-come-true to be this much closer to being a part of what’s to be a growing settlement on Mars. It has always been a goal to make a difference, to be part of the difference. It’s a truly exciting time in this world of both heartbreaking strife and powerful discovery. We have many choices in our lives, and a choice to pass up any opportunity to expand ourselves as a species is not one of mine. I choose to be a dedicated astronaut, a charter colonist for what will be Earth’s link and hub in its eventual deep-space explorations.

I look forward to a busy 2020 and 2021!

A big shout-out is due to Nick Oddo and the 2014 6th Graders at Roy Gomm Elementary School here in Reno, Nevada (thanks for that really cool homemade telescope you all made for me!), and Jenny McFarlane of the Challenger Learning Center of Northern Nevada—- for all your inquiries, engagement, and especially your desire to go beyond.
Thanks too to the renowned Wally Funk, for inspiring me to keep pursuing my dreams.

I am a member of:
American Institute of Architects (AIA) - Architect Member
Mars Society - Steering Committee Member
Planetary Society
Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) - Advisor-at-Large, Management Team
University Rover Challenge - Judge

I was born three years after Sputnik 1 was launched and nine years before humans landed on the Moon. My Mom was a dedicated fan of astronomy and science fact/fiction, and was a very influential part of my life. I developed early an appreciation and fascination for nature and its expansiveness, from the atoms integral to my being to the furthest reaches of space.

I earned a Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California, and am currently an Architect at FormGrey Studio.

I’ve been a janitor at a supermarket, to Vice President of a corporation; worked in professional offices, to working months on a factory fishing trawler on the Bering Sea (one of my favorite endeavors); hitch-hiked in Mexico to meet my friends for a party after a Tecate-to-Ensenada bike ride, to working on design teams for five-star hotels; spent over three years in a call-center, to designing/managing architectural projects from conception to build.

Besides being an Architect and free-lance artist of Eurasian descent, I’m a U.S. citizen born in Japan. I am a proponent of good science [and a long bicycle ride too]. Problem-solving and taking any project to fruition with my team is my passion. In peak health, my family has a history of longevity and vitality and I would be a perfect astronaut. This is an exciting endeavor; it’s not a possibility, it’s a reality…I will make a great fellow space traveler and a competent colonist!

One of my favorite memories is lying under my blanket on the east-facing beach on the equatorial island of Nauru in 1998 trying to fall asleep…and captivated by the Milky Way traversing the sky with a speed only noticeable to one raised in a latitude of 34 degrees N. It was an experience that defies description. I have never in my life witnessed such breathtaking grandeur. I felt as if I was traveling in a space ship, and the Earth’s sky was my front view window…the reality of our planet flying through the Milky Way was solidified in my psyche, and I was forever changed. I look forward to the moment I lift off from our planet Earth to travel to my new home on Mars. By the way, I never fell asleep that night. I only left the beach because a huge colony of wee tiny noisily chittering red crabs started nagging me to leave at dawn…..



I strive to achieve knowledge, reason, honesty, grace, and detail in all aspects of Science and Architecture;  I have always been an innovative and invaluable contributor to those and related fields. One thing for sure, I hope to leave a legacy of sketch journals of my days - and years - on Mars, documenting in this very unique perspective.

I love anything to do with space and space travel, and will be a competent, trustworthy, hard-working crew member.

A few of my interests: reading, watching movies, science, nature, architecture, the arts, reading, fixing things and understanding how they work, hiking, cycling, music, building models, gardening/growing my own food, and space.


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