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Self Introduction

I am a passionate and engaged European and World Citizen and a great Science fiction Fan. Therefore I am very much fascinated by the Mars One Project and would like to be a part of it and doing all that is possible to help that it will be a great success.
I am a lifetime member of the 1. Mars Society ( USA ),
2. Mars Society ( New Zealand ), 3. Astronomical League ( USA ), 4. US-Air Force Association,
5. US-Air Force Historical Foundation, 6. US-Air Force Museum Foundation, 7.Association of the US-Army, 8. Association of the US-Navy, etc. ;
and an annual member of the 1. National Space Society and 2. Mars Society Australia, 3. German Association of the United Nations, 4. Europa Union Germany, 5. German-Atlantic Association, 6. German-Canadian Association, etc..  + I am a Space Ambassador ( National Space Society and Virgin Galactic ) and Ambassador of the New World Order.
The Colonization of the Solar System is a very important part of the New World Order.
The state of Mars will be human’s first state outside Mother Terra.
No Colony but an independent state itself inside the Terranian Union
( Union of Terra ).
For this great goal mankind has to do all and give everything that is necessary to achieve it… .


My main interest is Universal Sciences & Universal Arts.
I am an european and international distance learning student
( doing learning worldwide, mainly in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. ).
I am a beginning author, private scholar and universal scholar.

Also a main interest is my tourism studies to become a Travel and Tourism Specialist inclusive space tourism like on our beloved Planet Mars.

Special Interests are: Astronomy, Science fiction, Reading and Writing, Travelling, Languages, Music ( Ludwig van Beethoven etc. ), Fine Arts, Sports, etc. + my 2 projects:
1.New World Order, 2.International Distance Learning Network.

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