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FromUnited States

Self Introduction

Hello everyone from around the world. I’m excited that Mars One is taking the initiative to put a team on the Red Planet. I’ve always dreamed about one day we would break the bonds of our celestial home and travel to the stars. This is an exciting time for all of us. I am educated in aerospace and currently work in a mechanical engineering field now as a Design Engineer.

I started out my career working with NASA (United Space Alliance) as a Shuttle Ground Support Engineer prepping the shuttles for launch. Aside from the day to day activities of “ground support” I would also design tools for the technicians working in and around the shuttles. I have extensive background in CAD even starting out in the early 1990s with stereolithography or 3D printing as it’s called today. Expert in this field and will definitely be an essential skill needed in the development of any Martian colony in the future.

Although Mars One is in the forefront of establishing a colony on Mars, other entities are just important in creating a human presence on this 4th rock from the Sun. In doing so, these organizations will need crucial “ground support” ops in place in order for them to “Return to Earth” as these organizations have proposed. Mars One is going to stay. A well diverse crew (skilled in these areas of operations) will aid in the support we can provide to all entities involved with making us a multi-planetary species. In the end, we all work towards this goal for all humanity.

I’m an easy guy to get along with, fun, and adventurous! Mars awaits us. Are you ready for this daring expedition?....I am ready!


Big Star Wars fan! I love sci-fi. I also like to read and write. Beaches are beautiful. I love the water and I spend as much time as I can hitting the beaches here in Florida where I live. I enjoy volleyball, American football fan, and I like soccer too. I fool around with puzzles now and then. Rubik’s cube dork as I’ve been trying to solve this cube since the 80s. Love astronomy!

Been involved with bodybuilding (weight training) since 2015 and love it. Train 7 days a week. Also, from my earlier days in college I love to work on building cars…exotic cars! I built a Lamborghini Countach replica (Kit Car is sometimes what they call these things) from a Pontiac Fiero chassis. However, I put a LT1 V8 engine in this baby to add a little muscle to it. Took about 2 years to complete (working on it in my spare times) but after it was complete I enjoyed driving it around my hometown of Cape Canaveral, Florida. Eventually sold it on eBay for a pretty penny. Would like to build a Bugatti Veyron next if I can find the time…and money.

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