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Hector Geoffrey Hamilton

NameHector Geoffrey Hamilton
FromUnited Kingdom

Self Introduction

I am studying MEng Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology at the University of Southampton, and have been a part of SUSF since its launch in early 2013. I joined SUSF after I heard they had begun a project aiming to build a rocket capable of at least reaching the edge of space. I had done personal research on spacecraft and rocket design before, and was eager to take part, learning the skills alongside those for my electronic degree. Spacecraft construction is a vertically-integrated process, where many different systems have to be designed and made to work in concert perfectly, and in the modern era controlled by electronics.
I believe that humans need to aim for sustainable space colonisation as soon as possible, and have been following Mars One since their launch. When I heard they were aiming for an exploratory mission to Mars in 2018, I chipped in. Following the announcement of the university competition, I wrote up some quick proposals. A survey of friends and SUSF members indicated the best payload the 2018 lander could test was a lightweight greenhouse to grow plants where no plants have been grown before. As VP of #LettuceOnMars, I believe it is vital for a colony to produce its own food and sustain itself, and this will not only be a step towards colonising Mars but also creating sustainable colonies everywhere in the solar system - and beyond.


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