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Self Introduction

Hello everyone, I am a 52 year old German male who has achieved quite a lot so far (from my point of view). U know, no matter what happens in your life, good or bad - there is always something positive at the end in the long run. Once u realize that, it becomes much easier. It is a path one has to follow and it takes/took u to where you are now, not matter where that might be. Not in a religious way. I’m not religious. I believe, where the beginning and the end is cannot be determined by one’s lifespan or one life in general.
I have some basic ideas of life but life itself really determines the rest. That’s me!


Reading SciFi and Mystery, watching Star Trek, Scuba Diving, walking barefoot on grass ;-)
- talking (some say its not funny anymore)
- writing (although nothing will ever reach the bookshelf… and that’s good)
- Astronomy (cool stuff)
and building & fixing computers!


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