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Maggie Lieu

NameMaggie Lieu
FromUnited Kingdom

Self Introduction

I’m currently doing a PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Birmingham. It’s a really fun job, doing what I love the most - working on my dream to progress the world’s understanding of the universe.

At the moment my research involves analysing the masses of some of the heaviest structures in the universe - Galaxy clusters. These objects are really interesting because the contain a huge amount of dark matter - a substance that we know very little about!

I am also a demonstrator at the University, which means that I help teach the projects of 2nd year Astronomy lab. Its great because every week I get to take the students out to observe in our observatory.

I do lots of outreach, playing a particularly active role in UKSEDS as well as BIS and STEMnet. It’s really important to me and if I were given the opportunity to go to mars, I would definitely make it a priority of mine to communicate science.


I like to try new things, currently I am training for a mud run in June, I just started pilates and I love rock climbing, hiking and pretty much all active sports :)

I am a geocacher. I am a photographer. I am an astronomer. I am a dreamer.

I like beauty, fashion and science.

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