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Self Introduction

Hi there! My name is Josh and I’m a physicist/engineer turned stand-up comedian. I’ve been lucky enough to travel, work & learn in the military, sciences & arts; & I love sharing these experiences onstage - all with a huge grin on my face!

I knew I wanted to explore space when I was 7 & saw Australian astronaut Andy Thomas selected to NASA’s 1992 Astronaut Corp. My path here has been a wandering one, but I dream of using my diverse background & problem solving skills to support Mars One’s incredible mission.

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While I love comedy, I see it as an opportunity to learn & share how the universe works, & the crazy things people do in it. If I could take 3 things to Mars it’d be a uke to cheer the team, ebook reader to keep learning, and a camera to share Mars with the people of Earth.

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