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FromUnited States

Self Introduction

I’m Oscar, and I would like to explore the vastness of Mars to search for extant or past signs of life.  I am a Valedictorian, an Eagle Scout, an AF Academy grad, and a licensed pilot.  I work as an Aerospace Engineer on tactical aircraft for NAVAIR at Pax River NAS, and I previously worked as a practicing Nuclear Test Engineer on Naval reactors.  As a Navy Reservist, I am an Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer.  During my Masters in Aerospace, I completed research at NASA Ames leading to a thesis concerning aeolian dune formation by particle saltation on Saturn’s moon, Titan.  In my spare time, I cycle, SCUBA, and tinker with 3D printers/UAV’s and work on my dissertation.  Join me on a Beautiful New World?


-Virtual Reality/VR gaming & simulation
-3D Selective Laser Sintering/Printing
-Camping/Hiking/Wilderness Survival
Follow me on Twitter: @Astro_Osk

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