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Self Introduction

I am a 35 year old software developer from Florida, USA. As a former Buddhist monk I spent a couple of years meditating in caves and probably know a thing or two about sensory deprivation ;-). I am very enthusiastic about this project and a big fan of Zubrin’s “A Case for Mars”. IMHO, the future of our civilization depends on our ability to live independently of planet Earth and to spread into the Solar System. It would be an honor to work towards that goal with my fellow Martian Colonists.

twitter: @novalis78

Recent article:

My presentation on ‘Bitcoin on Mars’

My personal history/motivation to join MarsOne’s Mars colonization program:


Mars, Space, Astronomy, Science, Math, Engineering, DIY / Makershed, Arduino & Hydroponics, History, Chess, Languages, Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, P90X, Mindfulness practice and Meditation.


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