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FromIran, Islamic Republic of

Self Introduction

In brief, I am specialist of international affairs and human rights and specifically Middle East affairs in both politics and human rights fields are my areas of expertise.
  Whereas Mars One initially has selected astronauts based on their inherent ability to cope with tough environments on Mars, I think everyone who wants to participate in similar mission, must have different and strong characteristics, they should be mentally and physically strong enough for such tough missions. For me, I have a very strong can do attitude, nothing can stop me when I’m moving towards my goals. I always get used to any new situation and adapt myself quickly to get the job done. So, when I was notified about Mars One project in 2013, my curiosity has pushed me forward to apply because I knew that with attention to my personal attitudes like creativity and ability to trust, I would be one of the best people who can bring great value and contribution to the team.
    On the other hand, because the main duties of astronauts on mars are construction, maintenance and research, I’d like to present my suitable skills based on these criteria. Basically I’m like a multi-screwdrivers with so many different experiences, firstly, I’m familiar with cultivation and farming because my grandfather was a farmer, I used to go to his farm since childhood, so I’m quite familiar with plantation, maintenance (protect) and harvest process. Secondly, I’m a well-experienced handyman and always maintaining my house and company whenever is required, for example, I do plumbing, wiring and last time I’ve done floor and wall tiling of my shop just by viewing some videos on YouTube. Thirdly, I’m a professional hunter; I have spent so many nights in mountains and forests for hunting and know very well how to survive in those tough environments. Moreover, I’m a well educated person, I’ve got two master degrees one in Iran and another in New Zealand in politics realm, so I’m quite familiar with research process and because of those degrees which are actually in Human Rights and International Relations, I would be able to contribute in making of a new political system on Mars. Meanwhile, as I have a bachelor in Applied Physics, I have had previous background in astronomy and cosmology. I researched on black holes and Einstein Relativity Theory at university, so I have initial knowledge about some of training materials which will be provided in future. Apart from those academic experiences, I’m doing some sorts of Persian traditional medicine the so-called “Hejamat or Hijama”, which is taking out blood from shoulder by creating some scratches on skin and using suction mugs for dispelling fatigue and diluting blood flow, and also know how to inject vaccine as I have done it so many times, hence; I am so susceptible for learning new science.
    Finally, because we are somehow immigrating to Mars, we need those people who are familiar with immigration and its requirements like adaptability to new environment and conception of initial isolation which is happening right after emigration. I’m a new migrant in New Zealand, I worked more than 10 years in Iran’s Parliament and had so many political activities in Ninth round of presidential election, I was member of Central Council of National Trust Party and was Head of National Campaign for Youth and Student for one of the candidate simultaneously, then I immigrated to NZ and after graduation from Auckland University with Master of Professional Studies in International Relations and Human Rights; I was employed as a permanent Technical Officer at Ministry of Social Development. Although, so many native people are struggling to find a job in here, I got my permanent full time job at the biggest ministry of New Zealand. I could get used to this new country and its different culture in a short period of time. I believe that I’ve been a successful migrant on the Earth why I shouldn’t be a good migrant on the Mars?
Although there’s still long way to go, I believe that with attention to my qualifications and personal attitudes, I would be one of the 4 astronauts who will live on the red planet forever :)


I love sports and often doing sports like football, volleyball, snooker, swimming and hiking, keen outdoor activities, camping and specially spending nights in nature, keen adventure, specifically exploring mysterious planets! Interested in education, conducting research and gaining new knowledge.


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