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Christopher James Boardman

NameChristopher James Boardman
FromUnited Kingdom

Self Introduction

I have always been passionate about space exploration and as a kid I always gazed up at the night sky and said to myself humanity belongs out there and searching for new worlds that are can be made liveable if they’re not already. I have always been fascinated with the idea of colonising mars and of course other planets. I believe one day we will make interstellar travel a reality. It is physically feasible and it works with the general theory of relativity.

I believe going to Mars is just the next step in human evolution and it is the most logical step to ensure the survival of our species.
I believe the Earth is warming and we will be facing a climate catastrophe if things are not sorted. If we just stay stuck on this pale blue dot and something happens then that would be the end of it but NOT if we actually invested in the security and survival of the human race.

Whether you’re interested in space or not, we all want want thing which is to have a safer future for our kids and their kids. Murphys law, whatever can happen will happen. It is just inevitable.  We cannot just wait and wait before it is too late.

I want to be a martian and live on the planet mars, I will have no regrets and of course I will miss my family but I always believed that I have a much bigger purpose and this is it.

I am a gamer and a SCI-FI FANATIC. I love Science. I would ALSO love to be given the opportunity to explore,

I use the program BOINC + Seti@Home - I sometimes donate to various of projects such as SETI, METI and InterstellarBeacon Projects.


Science, Gaming, Exoplanets, Seti@Home Project, METI Project. Stephen Hawking


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