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Self Introduction

I consider myself an enthusiast of the scientific method, in search of a lot more than my present environment has to offer.

Maintaining a ‘Can do’ attitude and the willingness to explore various methods towards problem solving, has presented me with lots of opportunities.

I have adapted to a sceptical thought process, and this, alongside reason, help me maintain good analysis of my environment.

I am highly motivated by the search for knowledge and answers in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, psychology, sociology etc, and this fuels a deep sense of purpose for me.


I love sports e.g swimming, lawn tennis, football, basketball, snooker etc I love watching movies and listening to music. Movies include ;(sci-fi, comedy, thriller, action, drama, romance etc), I relish conversations with adventurous, well read, and open minded individuals. Nature is soo beautiful, and sure take the time to admire her in all her awesomeness.


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