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Self Introduction

In my 60 years of age I have grown to be a mature person with all the richness in learning and experiencing something about everything and anything.
I am not a scientist, nor a physicist, nor a doctor nor a computer expert or an engineer but I am a little of everything, my friends and family call me a JACK OF ALL TRADES.
With my 22 years of military background as an infantry officer and a helicopter pilot, I am capable of surviving in any conditions. I have been trained to stand against any odds and in any conditions. I have learnt to be adaptable, determined, curious and courageous; I am very focused in what I get out to do. I am a very reliable and a trustworthy person.
I have the curiosity to explore having no fears whatsoever; to me death only comes once. I have a will to go beyond the skies to seek and discover. To me there is no such word as impossible or I can’t.
I, like the Mars-One team, have a vision to leave a legacy for this world to remember for thousands of years to come. I am determined to do something literally OUT OF THIS WORLD and be one of the first human for the dawn of a new era – human life on Mars.
I take life as a challenge and I am an achiever.
I have two beautiful children and a daughter-in-law, who are intelligent, smart and successful in what they are doing. Both my children are very supportive to my endeavours towards the mission to Mars.
I presently work for the government of Ontario in the Office of The Fire Marshal and Emergency Management as an Emergency Operations Officer, responsible for responding to any disasters on a bigger scale that may hit the province. We work as a team and try and keep residents of Ontario and their properties safe.

Some of the following traits that I have learnt over the years are:
• A Pilot (ex-military helicopter pilot)
• A soldier
• A Paratrooper
• A Team Player
• A Leader
• A great Company to be with (as my friends put it)
• I am capable of constructing anything if provided with the right tools if not I can still manage things with my bare two hands to survive. As a handy man I can proficiently do:
1.Electric work

• Motor skills: other than steering a submarine in the waters and flying a space shuttle, I have ridden, driven and flown almost every kind of a machine and have a good grasp of handling.
• I possess excellent problem solving skills using logic and knowledge.
• Medicine: I have cared for my parents for 20 years in the best of their health to their fragile last years and thus I have learnt a lot about medicines and caring for the ill. I am not a doctor but over the years I have learnt to apply medical science for small illnesses. I am qualified first aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certified person who can save a life as a first responder if need be.
• Agriculture: I love plants and flowers and my house has always been a centre of attention for plants. For more than thirty years, every year I grow my own little kitchen garden and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.
• I love to cook, BBQ being my specialty.
• I am very technical minded and possess a great mechanical aptitude and can solve small technical problems using common sense. I understand aviation engines on a small scale and can do small diagnosis to fix any machine.
• I am a giver than a taker, I like to put others before myself and I am known to be someone who cares.
• I have never done drugs, never smoked tobacco and I am not dependent on any kind of alcohol.
• Religion is something between God and me but I possess high human values.


I have a whole lot of interests, some of them are:
• I love to travel, be it through land, air or sea or driving through the winding roads of a country or doing a backpack.
• Photography
• Learning about new things
• Experimenting
• Golfing
• Gardening
• Wood work
• I like to try everything at least once without fears.
• I Like challenges.
• Helping others
• Exploring


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