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Vladislav Firstov

NameVladislav Firstov
FromMacedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

Self Introduction

Hello colonists friends!
My name is Vladislav. I really love the starry sky and the cosmic expanses attract me. The desire to explore the unknown… To be where no one has ever been before…
  For centuries, mankind has been concerned about its role in the universe, and now the Mars One project will make a start in space exploration.
  I believe that this is the primary task of man because we have always been pioneers of this is programmed in us and it is delightful!
  I sincerely wish to do something really important for the development of mankind and let this one-way ticket I know that I can win by becoming one of the first colonists of Mars.


  I am fond of robotics…
I am engaged in the assembly of various computer devices and various electronics.
  I also have the education of a catering engineer in the space environment. Able to develop practical and unique in use of food and a full balanced diet for the benefit of the colony of Mars.


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