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FromUnited Kingdom

Self Introduction

Hi there! My name is Alison and I am a science geek.

I have always been interested in science as I have an insatiable curiosity about the world around me which I can begin to understand through the sciences. I am working in London as a Science Laboratory Technician and I love what I do. I especially like preparing A-Level experiments for the students.

My family is very close knit and supportive, but they are still worried about the prospect of me going to Mars. I can understand their concerns; as time passes I realise more and more how deeply they feel for me and I for them. However as a potential representative of humanity on Mars I feel I have a responsibility to far more people.

In the past (almost) two years I have changed so much. From someone who would usually shy away from the public eye I have accepted every request for an interview on the MarsOne project (except that one for The Sun newspaper).

I believe that the MarsOne Project and indeed every endeavour that will contribute to humanity becoming a space-faring, multiplanet species are of vital importance to the long term survival of our species. That is why I am so happy to educate and inform people about the mission.

Since I first signed up to MarsOne back in 2013 I have spoken to:-


ITV News


Buzzfeed again

News Shopper

The Guardian

The Guardian again

And a few interviews for radio.

I also had the pleasure of being interviewed for a student documentary entitled ‘The Blank Red Canvas’ about the lives of three UK candidates.

I would like to thank everyone at the MarsOne foundation for making it possible for me to dream this big and also to my fellow Aspiring Martians.

Together we can create worlds.

You can like my page on Facebook to follow my antics:
or you can just follow me on Twitter @RogueRhaksha


I enjoy reading so much I got rid of the television. My Kindle is currently showing Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.
I have stopped riding the bike every day and have started jogging to work in a bid to get uber-fit for the MarsOne trials to come.
I play table-top wargames with friends every week; sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but it’s all good fun.
I’m just putting the final touches to our first published war games rules; ‘Ancient Battlegrounds’ I do hope our new project will be a resounding success.


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