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Amulya Nidhi Rastogi

NameAmulya Nidhi Rastogi

Self Introduction

I’m a Mechanical Engineering student.
Dark. Negative. Peaceful. Original. Creative. Wild. Universal. Majestic. Passionate. Respectful. Clear. Fierce. Confident. Interactive. Strong Atheist. Metalhead. Rebellious. Keen Observer. Explorer. Dreamer. Philosopher. Experimenter. Aspiring entrepreneur. And most importantly - Human.
I’m a Transhumanist. A new world awaits. Lets braceĀ ourselves.

Contact information: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) & +919717731589


Huge fan of Batman & The Joker.
Folk/Viking/Celtic metal. Guitar. Singing. Working out in gym/outdoors. Swimming. Chess. Dramatics. Reading & writing random stuff, sometimes poems about my experiences. Animals. Weather. Rain. Food. Music.

When you spend time among animals, that’s when you become a human.