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Self Introduction

Hi, I’m Ryan, I’m a Theoretical Astrophysicist currently working on a PhD in Astronomy at the University of Cambridge. My research focuses on understanding the physical conditions and chemical composition of the atmospheres of exoplanets. I completed my Master’s in Physics at Oxford University, where I investigated thermal-IR cameras for a future proposed ESA sample return mission to Phobos. I have also worked on data analysis from ESA’s Venus Express mission.

But this pales in comparison to what I can do on Mars. To search for evidence of past or present life, to speak to and inspire school children back on Earth, to build the first civilisation on another planet… How could anyone say no to that?

Got questions about the mission, human spaceflight, Mars or the universe? Drop me a message over at my YouTube channel:

I’m available as a Keynote speaker for both conferences and private events (sample TEDx talk:, to inquire about this please submit a request via the keynote button above and a representative from Mars One will be in touch.

For interviews, media or potential documentary projects, please submit a media request above.

I’m particularly active speaking to schools about the Mars One Project, if you’d like to arrange a Skype session or in-person visit, then feel free to drop me a message on Twitter @MartianColonist.


I’ve always been interested in Space and Science, Physics is all about trying to work out what the heck is going on in this strange universe of ours! In my free time, I like to run outreach activities for younger audiences and I’m currently finishing writing a near-future Hard Science-Fiction novel.


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