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FromUnited States

Self Introduction

I grew up on an off grid ranch in the west desert of Utah, so Mars will be like home. The experiences I have had and my ability to think in logical ways that no one else does has allowed me to find novel working solutions to problems; I have been known to be able to fix everything from a weed eater to a diesel locomotive. I am also a very friendly person that gets along with everyone so I could do very well here on Earth, in fact leaving would be a huge loss for the planet; it is for precisely this reason that I am greatly needed in this endeavor to colonize a new world. And yes I was hanging upside down for most of my application video.


Many of my friends have said that I seem to have a hobby of collecting hobbies; this is due to my maintaining a goal to acquire a new skill or try something new each month. Some of my reoccurring areas of interest are: Doing science (spaaaace!), working with living things (gardening, beekeeping), Fixing/ making things (I work as a mechanic at Utah Fabrication), and sharing my knowledge with others.
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