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FromSouth Africa

Self Introduction

Hello. I recently graduated Uni with a 1st in Law, I studied at night and worked as an Orthodontic Dental nurse during the day in order to support myself and the hard work paid off.
I’m ready for a big adventure and this is definitely the biggest.
I love thunderstorms, music, black cats, good books and people that make me laugh. 
(Please excuse my profile video by the way- it’s so cringy having to talk about myself on camera!)


I love a really great story. I enjoy travelling, exploring & learning.
I love acting: I had a tiny role in a tv crime drama and my character got shot- special effects make-up is so much fun! More recently I played one of Adrian Cross’ and Chloe’s hackers on the latest series of my favourite show: 24.
I love reading and I write a bit too.
I like science (especially space systems and exploration), law, criminology and forensics, ancient history and archaeology and studying -I’m a bit of a geek!


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