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Bryan Mark Wilde

NameBryan Mark Wilde
FromUnited Kingdom

Self Introduction

Since a very young age I’ve always been in love with the cosmos my head and dreams have always been in the stars. I’ve always dreamed of working and living in space


Science (physics, Astronomy the most part but love all science), Science Fiction and Fantasy (StarTrek all series and films,StarWars,Babylon5,Fan Fiction,StarGate all series SGU the most,BuckRogers,LOTR,Hobbit), Film (block buster and amateur), Books(Most Scifi and Fantasy), Electronics, Art(Concept art the most but do enjoy most Art,Drawing,Painting, getting into Digital art), Computers(Building,custom and gaming), Model design and construction(scifi and fantasy), X-files and The Unexplained, amateur photography(starting to get into it in a small way at the moment).


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