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FromRussian Federation

Self Introduction

My name is Katya and I am from Russia. I graduated from the Military University (MD of the RF) with a degree in psychology and the courses in the Association of Fitness Professionals (FPA). Working as a personal trainer. I am an active, cheerful person. I inherent curiosity and openness to the world, I am studying something new easily and with pleasure, without the fear of the unknown. Able to work in a team and have experience of adaptation to different conditions of activity. I am a professional hunter for impressions of life, constantly in searching of adventure. Rational adventurist, cosmopolitan and wandering poet. I consider it my duty to make a worthy cause in my life. I am purposeful and thrust. With pleasure I communicate with people and I can find approach to them. I determined and ready to devote my live to the case, in which I will be able to self-actualize and bring benefit to people.


I lead an active way of life and develop myself versatile, so I have a lot of interests:
traveling by hitch-hiking,
reading of books,
writing poetry, and
learn the world.

I have many friends, so I like to spend time in their company too.


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