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Roel Kwanten

NameRoel Kwanten

Self Introduction

One-way ticket to Mars? Who should go? Well, I want to depart now. I’m calm and cold-blooded in stressful situations and don’t give up easily when trying to solve problems. We can do it! I like to discover new things and listen to what people have to say, before I make up my mind. I am a creative person, but I can assess situations in which it is better to follow instructions. I adore astronomy, looking at the stars and science. It’s now time to discover our neighborhood.


Astronomy, volunteering at the planetarium, science, technology, flying Cessna aircraft, Mensa, acting(theatre), pantomime, Zen music,  explaining things to my children, entertaining my wife, fitness, cycling, singing and laughing, working hard to accomplish the things that are important in life.


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