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Jan Korba

NameJan Korba
FromCzech Republic

Self Introduction

Hello, world,
I would consider myself as a versatile artist with the very passion for botany in enclosed and controlled environment. My greatest interest lies in experimenting with botanical creatures.

I love to find solutions for any situation, if it is me or people of any kind. Despite the fact, I tend to overthink anything, I adore spontaneous improvising to see the immediate results.

I love humanity and people, in general, but lately I have been getting this sensation of reaching my true potential, which the Mars One Mission covers, fully.


My motto is to “Think globally, act locally.” I love to bring all the world to me and my home-place. My most ambitious vision is to establish a Czech space agency focused on quality production of the crucial crops for the mankind.

My latest interest is in dandelions and reaching their full potential in the global system.

I have passion for any musical instrument, ranging from a flute towards the drums; also, love to swim, do sports, in general; philanthropy - blood and gametes;

Learning and teaching new languages and encouraging people to think and act about something else than they are told to do from the others, rather than based on a self preservation.

As last, I love to take notes, which i found out is a very hard thing to fulfil, when a one does not pay attention to their thoughts, or the very purpose of their lives to grow, not merely physically but to keep working on strengthening their psyche.


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