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FromUnited States

Self Introduction

                  My Martian Dream

Going to mars is not something I want to do but something I feel I must do. Like many others who applied to Mars one we were answering a call a call that made something in our selves awaken and brought all of us together as a family bound by our common interest of mars and its exploration and colonization. Mars to most people is a far off planet distant in their minds but to those people like me who have applied it is a goal and we will do our best to reach that goal.
          I didn’t always want to go to mars for me as a kid I grew up watching star trek, star wars, Babylon 5 and many other shows that dealt with space travel and exploration and this made me want to travel through space and see what lay beyond the edge of our solar system. I was fascinated by space held captive by it but It wasn’t until 2003 when mars was at its closest it had been or ever will be in my lifetime that I shifted from wanting to explore space to exploring the surface of mars. I know I don’t have any certifications or degrees but this has not stopped me from trying and I know that through my determination and perseverance that I will walk on the surface of mars one day even if I get rejected over and over I am determined to push towards my goal.
            I am well aware of what going to mars means for me and I understand that it means the figurative death of my life on earth but it also means that I can begin a new life on mars.I cannot say that I am not afraid of the prospect of death or that I am not afraid that problem may occur journey because I am afraid and to admit that I am means I am human because we are all afraid of the unknown but we must conquer our fears and reshape those fears into positive energy so that we can look at space as a place of unlimited potential for both scientific and spiritual growth. I’ve been asked many times why would I want to leave earth and my answer has always been mostly the same ” some one has to lay down the foundation for the future” this my answer because it’s true those who go to mats via mars one will have dune just that for other groups wishing to go mars.
                    I do not wish to leave earth because I hate it or because I hate my friends and family in fact it is because I love them that drives me and their love and understanding of my need to go to mars fuels my passion even further. The biggest supporter I’ve had has been my twin brother Steven we fought a lot growing up but we were inseparable at first he was against me applying but he understood that this is what I wanted to do with my life. This does not mean that some of my family and friends fully understand or agree with my decision to apply to mars one but nothing anyone else does or says I will not change my mind I am determined to go to mars.



Rock Climbing, Jogging, Swimming, land Navigation, reading, Camping, Chess, Tai Chi


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