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Self Introduction

- Open the First Sushi Bar on Mars -

The girl had a telescope and dreamed of living on another planet someday.

As a young woman she studied Archaeology to understand where she came from.

She explored limestone caves to feel the million years of planet Earth.

She studied Computer Science because she was fascinated by the potentiality of the virtual world.

She went into the IT industry to work with people blessed with incredible intelligence.

In her thirties she backpacked for two years around the world to understand humanity and life on Earth.

She walked 7500km (4600miles) through Japan to be a little help for charity and
to understand every corner of her homeland.

In her forties she ran for 7 days in the Sahara Desert in Morocco to test her
mental and physical boundaries.

She became a Japanese chef to make the world healthy and lived in Mexico to share the wisdom from her ancestors.

In her fifties, she started praticing Yoga to reconnect her body, mind and soul.

She is very grateful to have had so many opportunities to fulfill her life on Earth.

Now she plans to go to Mars to be at the forefront of human evolution for the unity of humanity and to open the first sushi bar on Mars.

Her life is one big experiment.


Blog  (マーズワン日本語情報)



Etsuko has an insatiable curiosity.  Her current concern is how humanity can adapt themselves to overcome the inevitable challenges (climate change and environmental destruction)

She is eager to be a part of the next step in human evolution for the unity of humanity.

Integral Yoga, Aquaponic/Hydroponic Sustainable Agriculture, Fukuoka Masabobu’s Natural Farming, Civilization, Deep Adaptation, Evolution of Humanity, Conversation, Science, Technology, Opera/Musicals, Haiku, Reading, Mountain Trekking, Long Distance Walking, Walking Meditation, Traveling, 3D Food Printer


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