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Kitty Kane

NameKitty Kane
FromUnited States

Self Introduction

I’m excited about space travel, but I’m more excited about the colony itself. I believe that the pioneer spirit runs through humankind’s veins. There will forever be something so enticing about starting fresh, won’t there? The history of colonization has always fascinated me, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of this next great endeavor. This will be the single greatest thing humankind will do in my lifetime. If chosen, I will dedicate my life to making this vision a reality.


Interests of mine that I hope to develop during a lifetime spent on Mars include juggling,
science (I’m smart, creative, and teachable), and painting (more specifically, I want to paint the Martian landscape. Hey, it hasn’t been done before.)

Twitter: @KaneKitty Email: