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Self Introduction

Hi there, call me Mat.

I’m almost 30 and so far, I’ve lived on 3 different continents and I speak 3 languages.  I’ve got my Masters of Science and love to learn about almost everything. I’ve experienced a lot of the world, it’s culture, it’s people and it’s beauty.

I’ve taken care of lions and tigers and caught sharks. I’ve lost myself in the stars of a foreign hemisphere and have stared into space with hope many times over.

I want to give people hope that the sky isn’t the limit.


Can I just say eclectic? I like music and movies and sports and lots of things.

I also like the environment; hiking, camping, field work, biology, zoology, geology, research. Stuff like that.

I guess I’m part city, part country and like pretty much anything. I’m easy to get along with.