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FromUnited States

Self Introduction

I was one of the first 4 Civilian Astronaut Pilots for Apollo Program. I logged over 3,000 hours as a space craft pilot and helped train the Astronauts how to fly the LM.  I hold two BS degrees and two Doctorates. I am currently a Major in the Civil Air Patrol, plus 35 years in the Boy Scouts. I have trained pilots from all over the world and I like everyone no matter what their race religion creed or color. I build teams and am a team player and goal oriented.  Lets go to MARS!


I love working with people and challenges. I have done’0-G’ and water training at NASA. I love Astronomy, geology, psychology, biology, archeology, camping and adventures.  I like developing teams to accomplish goals. Metaphysics and science are my forte. I am what would be called a nexus.

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