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FromSouth Africa

Self Introduction

Billions of years of evolution of life on Earth have culminated in the possibility of us calling another planet home for the very first time. I applied to go and live on Mars because the allure of the unknown to me has always felt far more powerful than the comfort of the known. I would be prepared to sacrifice a lot for this idea, this adventure, this achievement, that would not be my own, but that of all humanity. Even not returning to Earth.

I am a theoretical physicist doing research in the field of quantum biology. My research interests have led me to the famous question, “What is Life?”. Showing that life is sustainable on Mars, or furthermore finding evidence of life on Mars, would be one of the most important possible discoveries for humanity- a giant leap in terms of understanding who we are, where we come from and what the future may hold. The Mars One Project, one of the most ambitious projects ever proposed, makes this dream realisable.

Watch my TEDx talk here:


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