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Self Introduction

I’m fifty years old, I have a degree in administration, law, I´m a teacher, specialist in public security and in data house, and freshwater aquarist for 20 years, I have a site in face book called “Aquariofilia da Sandra” where I put the photos of the designs that I make for aquariums. I’m writer of science fiction, I wrote a series of five books called “The Ancients”, the first one was published in December past year. I maintain an extracurricular activity in High School Major Guapindaia, called “Club of Science” where I make some activities of science: astronomy, astronautic, physics, biology, chemistry for students of the high school with the objective to promote science and, beside that,  I am professor in “Faculdade Porto Velho”, where I teach administration, internet law and computer management businesses


fisica, computação, quimica, biologia, administração de crise, ecologia de sistemas fechados,


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