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Would you go to Mars?

Would you go to Mars?

by Suzanne Flinkenflögel on Friday, 6th January 2017 in People

There are many people that would not trade life on Earth for anything, and certainly not for a seven-month journey in a very small spacecraft to another planet where there aren't any luxuries and one can only walk outside wearing a space suit. At the same time, the idea of going to Mars and discover a planet where no human has been before ignites the imagination of many. Team members Suzanne Flinkenflögel and Willemijn Verhoeve (intern) went out on the streets of Amsterdam to ask for opinions about human missions to Mars. One of the questions we asked, was “If you’d have the opportunity to go to Mars, would you go?”. The answers we received were highly diverse and were the start of some great conversations. Take a look at some of the responses to this question below. 

Mars is waiting for me! - Zehua (China)

Zehua (China) - Would you go to Mars?


Hey Mars, here we go! - Mariana & Mariztela (Brazil)

Mariana & Maristela - Would you go to Mars?


Yes, Curiosity - Nibedita (England)

Nibedita - Would you go to Mars?


Maybe?! - For Science, but fear of the journey there - Navneet (England)

Navneet - Would you go to Mars?


We would like to go because it seems very cool! - Wessel, Derk, Jelmer & Lucas (Netherlands)

Wessel, Derk, Jelmer, Lucas - Would you go to Mars?


I want to discover Mars to live and then colonize - Hilal (Turkey)

Hilal - Would you go to Mars?


No, because I love Brazil - Mariah, Meristela, Valdecir & Matheus (Brazil)

Mariah, Meristela, Valdecir, Matheus - Would you go to Mars?


Yes, new start - Willian (Netherlands)

Willian - Would you go to Mars?


Yes, but only for holidays - Anna (Poland) & Petra (Hungary)

Anna, Petra - Would you go to Mars?


I would go because I would love to see mankind's peak scientific achievement - Liam (Canada)

Liam - Would you go to Mars?


And what about you? Would you go to Mars?

Let us know in the comment section!


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