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Living on Mars through Mars One Candidate Eyes

Living on Mars through Mars One Candidate Eyes

by KC Frank on Thursday, 5th February 2015 in Astronaut Selection, Mars100

February 16, 2015 – a day that will go down in the history books of Mars One. On that day in mid-February, Mars One will officially announce the selection of a very small number of men and women around the world who will begin competing for four spots to travel to and live on Mars.

Leading up to our momentous announcement, we’ll be highlighting our amazingly brave Round Two candidates in a series of videos developed by passionate Mars One volunteers. This video series highlights the dreams, fears and desires of our astronaut hopefuls on their journey through our selection process.

The Calling - Round Two Mars Astronaut Selection

The calling to discover Mars is hard to ignore. Mankind has been seeking discovery since the dawn of life on Earth. Hear from the Mars One astronaut hopefuls as they discuss their feelings around traveling to and living on Mars.

Special thanks to Post Production Editor Jennifer Holt of Hartford Connecticut, USA for her inspiring video. She has forever impacted the Mars One mission! You can find out more about Jennifer at her Mars One Community Profile.

Humankind’s Ascension to Mars and Beyond

Humankind’s destiny is to reach to the stars. Engage with Mars One astronaut hopefuls as they dream of our ascension to Mars and beyond. Listen to the passion as these people from all around the world talk about the importance of Mars One’s mission for permanent settlement on Mars.

Big thank you to Animator Arley Cornell of San Diego, California, USA for his powerful video and creation of the introductions you’ll see in each of these videos. He promised us he’d make an impact on our mission and he has!

You can find out more about Arley at his Mars One Community Profile.

The Greatest Adventure - Humankind’s Ascent to Mars

From the beginning, hummankind has been preparing for history’s Greatest Adventure. Prepare yourself as we journey through the adventure of Mars One’s mission for permanent settlement on Mars, from early space travel to humans triumphantly landing on Mars!

A huge thank you to the filmmaking team from Crowbait Pictures for their creativity and dedication to this film.

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