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Mars One Candidate Video Series

Mars One Candidate Video Series

by Natasha Schön on Tuesday, 26th July 2016 in Astronaut Selection, Mars100

Welcome to Mars One's candidate video series, a set of videos that provide a peak into the inspirations and motivations of our Mars100 candidates. What inspired these candidates to sign up for a permanent mission to Mars and leave everything behind? These videos offer an inside look into the lives of those that have decided to become a part of Mars One's mission to the Red Planet. 

Dan Carey 

Mars One astronaut candidate Dan Carey explains why he wants to fly to Mars and never come back. 

Sonia Van Meter 

Mars One astronaut candidate Sonia Van Meter tells the world about her chance to fly to Mars. 

Oscar Mathews 

Mars One astronaut candidate Oscar Mathews discusses his chance to fly to Mars, and how he is preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Mikolaj Zielinksi

Mars One astronaut candidate Mikolaj Zielinski explains why he is so passionate about Mars One's mission, and how he is preparing for a trip to Mars. 

Anastasiya Stepanova

Mars100 astronaut candidate Anastasiya Stepanova talks about what her Mars One candidacy means to her, and how she got this far in the selection process. 

Zachary Gallegos 

What would you do if you had the chance to leave Earth? Mars100 astronaut candidate Zachary Gallegos explains how flying to Mars is exactly what he wants to do with his life.

Sergii Iakymov 

Mars100 astronaut candidate Sergii Iakymov discusses how his enthusiasm for exploring and Space lead him to become a Mars One astronaut candidate.

Cassandra Morphy 

Mars100 astronaut candidate Cassandra Morphy explains what inspired her to sign up for a mission to colonize Mars! 

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