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Future Martians: Who are the Mars100?

Future Martians: Who are the Mars100?

by on Friday, 24th August 2018 in Mars100

For most people, the prospect of leaving behind family and friends to venture into the unknown would incite feelings of panic and dread. Why, then, did over 200,000 people answer Mars One’s call to leave Earth behind forever? What motivates a person to venture away from the only world they’ve ever known? What kind of person would want to call Mars home? These are the questions Future Martians is seeking to answer. The 12-episode podcast, developed, produced, and hosted by Mars100 candidates Dianne McGrath and Josh Richards, explores the motivations, backgrounds, and ongoing efforts of a few of the third-round Mars One candidates.

The Mars100 consists of 50 men and 50 women who hail from dozens of countries around the world and represent a wide range of ages. While they come from many different walks of life, these third-round astronaut candidates were selected because they exemplify a few key traits, including resiliency, adaptability, curiosity, trustworthiness, willingness to trust, creativity, and resourcefulness. So, we know the Mars100 have that much in common, but what exactly would inspire them to sign up for a one-way mission to Mars?

 In celebration of Australia’s National Science Week 2018, Dianne and Josh decided to get to the bottom of this mystery and find out a bit more about what makes these “Future Martians” tick. Whether you’re thinking of registering for the next round of Mars One applications yourself or you're simply curious about what could possibly motivate someone to volunteer for such a trip, Future Martians helps to answer that burning question: why? 

You can listen to the first eight episodes of Future Martians today, with new episodes airing every Wednesday and Friday through the first week of September. Future Martians is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, or your favorite podcast platform. Have a listen to the first episode below and learn a bit about the stellar men and women behind Mars One.

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